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Accurately determining the value of a vehicle takes training, experience, and knowledge of the market. You can access professionals with this varied skillset by contacting us at Gerry Martel Certified Appraisers when you require a precise, certified car appraisal.

We offer appraisals for a vast range of vehicles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, trailers, and even tiny homes. If you’re a collector looking for an accurate picture of the value of your vehicles, or an insurance company that needs an automobile appraised, we are ready to help.

You can turn to us when looking to buy a vehicle and want to get a pre-purchase inspection to make sure you’re paying fair market value. Banks, dealers, government organizations, and insurance companies rely on us for service, and you can also. Our team of knowledgeable and meticulous professionals will be happy to thoroughly examine whatever vehicle you’re interested in and give you a full report on its worth. With this information in hand, you can negotiate from a position of strength if you’re looking to buy or ensure you get a good price if you’re a seller.

From muscle cars to travel trailers to tractors, we can give you the appraisal you need when you reach out to us for service and support.

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